February 7

The benefits of working with business automation experts in 2024

Innovation is a crucial requirement that businesses should focus more on to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Automation technology (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) have been instrumental in streamlining various business workflows. They are specifically helpful in automating tasks that would otherwise be labour-intensive and time-consuming, and require strenuous effort from employees.

In 2024, it is expected that 70% of businesses will embrace structured automation to optimise their business operations. This is necessary to keep pace with their industry competitors and remain relevant to their target audiences. Consulting firm Gartner also predicted that organisations will save 30% on their operational expenses by 2024, citing it as achievable when combining redesigned operational processes and digital business automation technology.

While new developments in business automation may offer more benefits to organisations, implementing these measures would be far more effective when business owners obtain help from a team of external professionals; specifically, business automation experts. Due to their vast experience, up-to-date knowledge of technological trends, as well as business prowess, they can help organisations get accustomed to and implement these new developments.

This team of professionals helps organisations leverage innovation, focus on strategy, improve their adaptability to market changes, and scale according to their required business needs. In this blog post, we will explore new developments in business automation solutions in 2024 while elaborating on the benefits that automation experts can offer organisations when they’re approached for collaborations.

1. Advanced process discovery

Process discovery refers to a set of tools that provides a systematic way to identify, map, define, and analyse business processes as well as the activities and tasks they are composed of. In 2024, it is expected that process discovery will be improved with AI advancements. As machine learning algorithms advance, business automation experts can work closely with businesses to better identify and understand how to incorporate these new advancements in their business workflows.

They can help organisations pinpoint redundancies and determine the most beneficial ways to implement automation. Automation helps organisations transform their business processes from labour-intensive manual operations to AI-driven process mapping. AI provides automatic insights to organisations on where they should focus their automation efforts to achieve optimal results, reduce their operational costs, and spend time more productively.

It also helps organisations expand their business efforts more seamlessly. With the help of experts in business automation, organisations can take advantage of AI-driven process mapping to help grow their businesses steadily and adapt to changing business demands.

2. IoT breakthroughs

Various industries will be able to enhance their operations as digital business automation integrates with the Internet of Things (IoT), with the latter using connectivity and sensors to produce data. Digital business automation uses generated data to streamline processes and procedures.

Collaborating with business automation specialists can help organisations make use of these technological advancements to reduce human intervention, boost operational efficiency, and lower expenses.

Business automation specialists can leverage both IoT and digital business automation to help organisations in several ways. Some of the examples which will be seen more prominently in 2024 include connecting multiple devices and machines, predicting equipment maintenance needs, managing inventory to prevent overstocking or stock shortages, as well as collecting real-time machine performance data.

3. Greater security

As cyberattacks and threats loom over organisations and employees, the demand for tighter security is greater than ever. Automation utilises ML and AI technology to help organisations fend off malicious agents and cyber-attackers.

AI-powered automation solutions detect signs of potential security threats and block suspicious activity by analysing data such as network traffic, system logs, and user behaviour.

By working with experts in business automation, organisations can work with specialists who can help them access their cyber vulnerabilities, safeguard data, and enforce security policies, despite issues such as cybersecurity personnel shortage. Business automation specialists will know how to leverage digital business automation to isolate infected systems or devices, protecting other devices from security threats.

4. Widespread use in more industries

While many industries have picked up the importance of digital business automation over the years, it is expected that more industries will invest in and implement business automation advancements into their business workflows. Among the industries that will embrace business automation in 2024 are the healthcare, government and defence, retail, as well as manufacturing sectors.

Business automation specialists can work closely with business owners of organisations in these industries to streamline workflows. In the healthcare industry, business automation specialists can help employees implement automated systems for appointment scheduling and reminders to reduce no-shows and improve patient attendance. They can also help with telehealth integration, workflow optimisation, speeding up diagnostic results with accurate findings, and improving productivity among hospital employees.

In the government and defence sectors, digital automation experts can help organisations in this industry enhance their adherence to compliance and extensive rules and regulations by leveraging automation. This technology helps to automate checks and balances frequently, which lets teams complete jobs efficiently while remaining aware of any improvements they need to make.

In the retail sector, business automation experts can help organisations use digital business automation solutions to manage inventory more effectively with improved, automated decision-making. They help integrate marketing automation solutions, including email automation services, with third-party applications such as CRM to ensure higher campaign revenues.

Business automation specialists can also educate employees on how to use valuable analytics and reporting tools from marketing automation solutions to optimise their campaign efforts. To avoid heavy fines and penalties for non-compliance, business automation specialists inform employees how they can stay compliant with industry regulations by implementing systems that automate compliance checks and generate necessary reports.

For the manufacturing sector, automation experts can help organisations automate product inspection processes, equipment and task monitoring, and quality control. This helps to reduce human-related errors, while also ensuring that manufactured items are of a high standard before customers receive them.

Collaborate with business automation experts today for a more salient business workflow

As automation and technology continue to evolve, businesses should spearhead efforts to keep up with the rapid changes in the business landscape. Organisations should focus on innovating their business processes by leveraging automation and technology, as they are instrumental in keeping their organisation ahead of the curve and responsive to market demands.

Experts in business automation also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to design customised solutions tailored to their specific needs. Schedule a consultation with business automation experts for a more agile and proactive business model that has more salient workflows, optimised resource utilisation, and enhanced overall workforce productivity.