September 29

5 Ways a process automation specialist adds value to your winery

Nothing makes the production process easier in the digital age than technology. This is why the winery market can also enjoy the perks of automation and artificial intelligence-driven operations around the factory. 

The wine market, like all other industries, is evolving. So how do you keep up with competition and meet rising demands? 

This is where a process automation specialist comes in. With a specialist’s help, you can identify a suitable package to initiate an automation system to help your brand grow in the following key areas. 

Reliable testing system

Testing is one of the biggest and most important stages in the wine-making process. Winery tests such as alcohol testing, distillation, and enzymatic tests, for example, can be automated to accelerate production. 

By relying on a process automation specialist you will be able to conduct a large number of tests with less workforce.

In addition to this, test results are more reliable as a result of the elimination of human error. As machines and devices are far less likely to make mistakes, accurate results will make production decisions better. 

Fewer errors also mean the use of fewer samples and reagents in testing, making the process more cost-effective.  

Accurate monitoring and managing 

As each aspect of the production process needs careful management for a perfect final product, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a winery requires precision. 

With production process automation, you can have reliable temperature monitoring using automated heat controls in the wine tank. 

Wine production can be challenging, but automation can give you peace of mind, knowing that the system will manage the process better than manual production. 

Added to this, the consistent quality will reduce spoilage and save energy inside the winery. 

Quality assurance

A tech-driven system can assist you in quality control. From the beginning to the end of the process, the precise handling will make sure your products aren’t spoiled or damaged. 

In simple terms, your products will be market-ready. 

For instance, an automation expert can assist you in initiating a packing and sealing system to ensure bottle safety, seal integrity, and label quality. 

You are then guaranteed quality work from the moment you harvest the grapes, to the point you present the final product to the market. 

In addition, automating operations such as inspection methods that can reject bottles/ glasses and labels that aren’t suited for the market—cracked glasses for example— will make your products safer for the consumers. 

Meet the increasing marketing needs

An automated marketing process will make things easier when trying to maintain a good rapport with your customers. 

Working with specialists can direct you to the best tools for segmented email lists and customer information entry while focusing on personalised messaging that will make your winery unique for your customers and subscribers. 

Since the demand for new samples is likely to keep increasing, addressing your client tastes through automated marketing tools will help you maintain their interest. 

This will guarantee you a consistent online presence and content throughout the customer journey. 

Latest knowledge and employee training 

Transforming into automation requires a degree of expertise. If you are about to launch your system, having a set of hands that come with new knowledge, experience, and the latest tools will come in handy. 

With customers expecting a consistent market presence, you can’t always afford to wait until you are a pro in automation. Instead, with the help of a specialist, you can strategise, design, and initiate your automation system while getting adequate training to manage it at the same time. 

Meet the increasing demand with a business process automation specialist

In what experts call the “age of consumer empowerment”, an increasing amount of focus needs to be given to satisfactory customer service, including meeting demands, faster delivery, and high-quality products. 

If you’re not sure where to start, a specialist can help you elevate your winery’s standards to meet rising consumer expectations. Here at Launchy, we use Keap, a world-class platform that supports CRM, sales and marketing automation. 

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us today!