November 17

Telltale signs your winery may need professional coaching for automation success

Great wine doesn’t just come out of nowhere. 

Every process that leads to the final product, from when the produce from the vineyard is grown, fermented, and tested, must be carefully controlled and streamlined to reduce the likelihood of any error.

To attract a loyal clientele, however, it’s not just about the production, but also about how you market yourself to retailers and direct consumers. 

Today, this is crucial in keeping up with the rising demand and changing preferences. According to some of the latest data, Australian wine direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales grew by 17% in value and 14% in volume during the last year, indicating that the market is ripe, so to speak, for greater opportunities. 

Among the latest marketing and sales trends to sweep the business landscape, sophisticated automation is proving to be a source of incredible value. Beyond just having the right tools and systems, however, wineries may need professional coaching to understand how to leverage its transformative capabilities.

In the absence of either, there are certain signs that may indicate it’s high time to call in the pros for automation success. 

You can’t seem to tap into your target audience

Today, it’s difficult to get the attention of your customers if your messaging isn’t created to address specific needs, interests, and preferences. That may be why 48% of customers today spend more when their experiences are personalised. 

With professional coaching for your winery, you can discover how to use your CRM system to create personalised offers and messages for your target audience. They can also help you integrate your software with your eCommerce and social media platforms through various APIs to tap into keener consumer insights.

Using this information, you can create more personalised content, customise your offerings to meet unique needs, and engage with your audience in ways that matter to them. 

The right training and access to marketing automation tools like Keap or HubSpot can also help you deliver the right messages at the right time. 

Your clients and leads aren’t engaging with your business

This is another serious sign that your winery may be missing out on the marketing automation expertise of professional coaches.

It’s also a sign you need to make your communication strategies much more sophisticated, which is where email marketing comes in handy.

From a flow that welcomes new subscribers to nurturing campaigns for people who fill out enquiry forms or download certain gated assets from your site, you need email flows that engage your audience and provide them with the support—and connection—they need.

If you’ve been struggling to humanise your brand or increase engagement across your audience, this is something professional consultants can guide you towards. By shedding light on the best email flows for your winery and how to automate this entire process, you’re one step closer to building highly fruitful relationships with your partners, clients and customers.

In fact, your automation consultants can go on to guide you in terms of:

  • Increasing your subscribers
  • Retaining existing partners and clients
  • Reactivating leads who you may have lost touch with
  • Automating responses to leads

And much more.

You’re not meeting your marketing goals

What if your winery already has a marketing automation plan and systems in place but they’re failing to meet your business objectives? 

Unfortunately, this is a reality for many wineries. Making the investment in marketing and sales automation is often the easy part. Making the most of it can be a little more complex.

With professional coaching across your automation rollout, you can review your existing system, identify missed opportunities for optimisation, and strategise how to make the most of your automation capabilities. 

All these efforts, in turn, maximise your ROI and help you drive greater value to your bottom line. For wineries, this shift in focus from purely agrarian concerns to the optimisation of other processes like marketing and sales may be the catalyst needed to meet the demands and expectations of modern, digital-savvy consumers.

Professional coaching can help you tap into complete marketing automation success

Today, a great product like wine may be useless in the absence of effective marketing and sales processes.

At Launchy, we know that the support of pros can help you make the most of your automation systems, helping you explore new opportunities and trends in the competitive winery industry. 

Schedule a free consultation with us today and find out how we can help you meet your business and marketing goals through expert-led automation consultations!