September 30

How can wineries make the best of their customer data?

The pandemic made businesses adapt fast and anyone not keeping up with digitalisation was left behind. 

However, this has thrown quite a few new challenges at the wineries.

As an industry still prides itself on the traditional craft and foot traffic, you may find that ensuring sustainability in this landscape is not that easy.

That said, the solution is not too far away. With automation, you can easily reach your true potential and make the best of your campaigns. 

Whether it’s to capture customer data, build loyal connections with your audience, or launch stellar campaigns, you can prevent yourself from losing out on prime opportunities through several methods!

Here are some of them.

By assessing customer data

Did you know that foot traffic alone can help you collect several types of data? Whether someone visits your restaurant to taste your wine, comes to your tasting room, or simply hosts an event at your winery, collecting customer data gives you more scope into your audience than you may realise. 

Maybe you’re collecting the data but don’t know what to do about it. 

Data can come from multiple sources, like your POS system or website. But, you need to make the best of that data to have any kind of positive impact on your bottom line. 

After adding your customer and prospect data into your database, the next step is to personalise and determine who they are and what they like, and then look for the best opportunities to market to them.

By personalising communication 

You can’t reach out to customers or potential customers with just another generic message. It needs to get their attention and not go straight into the spam folder, where it may never get seen. 

Thanks to automation, you can achieve this. 

By connecting all of your data sources, automation can help you maintain a comprehensive database of potential customers, segment them into sub-audiences, and allow you to send personalised marketing messages to each of these segments. 

You can optimise your marketing messages to show your audience that you’ve got what they’re looking for. Whether it’s the flavours of new wine, a video tour of your winery, or answers to their questions about your winery. 

By following up with customers

Not following up with your customers is a wasted opportunity.

By following up to thank the customer for their business and ensuring they were happy, you can maintain an uninterrupted line of communication and see how much they liked your service/product.

Follow-up emails are one of the best ways to do this. But you can also go that extra mile to reward your customers for their loyalty. Keeping a loyal customer costs far less than acquiring a new one, so make that effort to stay in touch.

Analytics tools in your automation platforms can help identify your most frequent buyers —those who visit your restaurant or your eCommerce store the most and even those who engage more with your emails—and invite them to join your wine club. 

Even better, to the most engaging club members, you can offer VIP club memberships!

How can Launchy help?

Launchy helps wineries identify new opportunities across the business landscape and discover where they are leaving money on the table.

With their winery marketing automation expertise, they help wineries prepare their staff for the digital revolution in the post-pandemic era, build a solid online presence, and survive a global crisis with innovation. 

You can discover more insights by listening to Launchy’s very own winery automation expert, Crystelle Topatan here

And if you want to take that next step and start introducing automation to your winery, schedule a FREE consultation with the Launchy team today!