May 3

5 ways content marketing automation keeps your email content fresh and engaging


In today’s fast-moving digital landscape, content marketing has become a crucial component of successful marketing strategies. When asked about the most common marketing channels currently automated by marketers, 64% of respondents cited email marketing as the most popular medium 

A finding by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 58% of B2B businesses reported increased sales and revenue in 2023 from leveraging content marketing strategies. Another finding by Omnisend revealed that of the 17 billion emails sent on their platform, automated emails achieved 341% higher click rates, 84% higher open rates, and a staggering 2,270% increase in conversion rates.  

The demand for fresh, engaging, and original content is growing among businesses, and content marketing automation is increasingly used as a way to facilitate this process and remain on top. Embracing the prospect of automation, marketers gain access to a vast spectrum of possibilities, from lead nurturing to behaviour-based email campaigns.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways that content marketing automation helps keep your email content fresh, engaging, and impactful so that you get a boost in campaign performance and establish strong connections with your customers.

1. Creating campaigns 

    By automating email content marketing, content supply does not suffer. This is because you’re no longer fighting time to brainstorm and implement creative ideas. Email automation specialists can work with you to learn your campaign objectives so that they can create winning email campaigns. 

    This enables you to obtain high-quality leads from these emails which will in turn help you grow your customer base and boost email revenue and ROI. Automation can save you a lot of time—time that you can use to take care of other crucial tasks.

    2. Personalising campaigns and targeting the audience

      Content marketing automation goes beyond general communication by helping you perform audience segmentation while creating audience groups based on common interests or behaviour. This enables content development and distribution specific to each segment’s content needs. 

      You can even customise product recommendations in e-commerce emails. A client with a history of browsing athletic wear may see targeted emails featuring new running shoes, and another may be interested in home décor and be presented with recommendations for stylish throw pillows. This provides a customised approach that leads to a stronger and more engaged audience with your content.

      3. Nurturing high-quality leads 

        Upon segmenting your audience, your next step would be to send out an automated email sequence that is specifically tailored to incite more interest from these leads in relation to your product, service, or offerings. Using content marketing automation, the first email in the sequence that you can send to these leads would be to thank them for expressing interest in your offer or the nature of your business. 

        Subsequent emails can feature product recommendations based on their browsing history. 

        By sending out relevant content and product recommendations based on your lead’s interest, you can develop their connection with the brand while leading them towards a potential purchase. You can also employ automation tools such as personalised communication schedules that send out relevant emails based on a lead’s engagement levels. 

        You can gradually increase the frequency of communication with recipients who regularly open and click your emails. You may detect high-performing leads by checking out their lead score, which is a feature on the automation platform, while also triggering a re-engagement campaign for leads that haven’t interacted with your emails in a while to reignite their interest.

        4. Tracking campaign performance 

          One of the benefits of opting for email automation is that it lets you track your campaign performance because it provides you with real-time data and analytics. This helps you make data-driven decisions, and brainstorm ideas on how to improve your email campaign strategy.

          For instance, you can track the response rate and engagement levels across different platforms, such as mobile and desktop. You can tailor your marketing strategy effectively by posting more emails on the most effective platform, which can ultimately boost its overall campaign revenue through successful conversions. Email automation also helps you identify metrics that are most crucial to your business. An example of this would be to use email marketing to track changes in memberships, which eliminates the need for manually tracking membership changes. 

          5. Integrated social media engagement 

            Emails can be integrated with social media channels, which helps you maximise the reach of your email content by connecting potential leads at various customer touchpoints. For instance, you can create automated workflows to share email content on various social media platforms. This helps generate more awareness among potential leads, as they will be more curious to check out your web page or landing pages. 

            Similarly, these tools can learn from social media interactions by inputting this data into your lead scoring and segmentation methods. By choosing leads that show interest in your content on social networks, you can continue your email marketing efforts, and eventually, lead them to a conversion.

            Work with content marketing automation experts for fresh and engaging content 

            Content automation helps guide modern marketing strategies toward success in the dynamic digital landscape. With its transformative power, automation offers five key avenues to keep your email content fresh, engaging, and relevant.

            To fully leverage these benefits, schedule a consultation with a marketing automation expert, who can ensure that your content is innovated and improved constantly with the help of automation services. With automation on your side, you will generate unique, exciting content on a regular basis, leading to successful marketing campaigns.