March 20

4 ways to encourage customer loyalty with SMS and email marketing


The backbone and success of any business depends on not only their employees but also how well they can attract and retain their customer base. More customers means more purchases or loyal members, which in turn, helps to sustain the business’s profitability and revenue generation. It is crucial that businesses consistently grow their customer base, as it helps to pool in loyal audiences who will be repeat customers, while also attracting new ones through good ratings, reviews, and recommendations from existing customers.

However, maintaining customer loyalty has its fair share of challenges. For a business to maintain a high return rate of customers and also attract new customers to choose a business provider as their go-to provider, they need to stand out from their competitors. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, businesses can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to encourage customer loyalty. They require the help of technology such as marketing automation tools that leverage email and SMS marketing campaigns.

The hospitality and tourism industry, in particular, which includes hotels, resorts, airlines, and travel agencies, is an example of a sector that relies heavily on these marketing methods. From automated messages for booking confirmations to special offers, these marketing methods enhance the overall customer experience and drive repeat bookings. Between SMS and email marketing campaigns, there are significant differences between both marketing methods.

For instance, SMS open rates are significantly higher than that of emails, at 98%, compared to just 28% for email marketing. The conversion rate for SMS campaigns is almost double that of emails as well, at 29% versus 15.22% for email campaigns. Despite this finding, 59% of B2B marketers prefer using emails as the method of communication with their target audiences, compared to just 52% of marketers who prefer using SMS messages.

Both these marketing methods offer incentives for businesses in terms of encouraging customer loyalty and revenue generation.

Let’s explore 4 various ways customer loyalty can be built and maintained with email and SMS marketing campaigns.

1. Personalised offers and discounts

Personalisation is a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, pivotal in capturing customers’ attention and fostering unwavering loyalty. By meticulously tailoring offers and discounts to align with customers’ unique preferences, past purchases, demographics, and browsing behaviour, businesses establish a profound sense of relevance and appreciation.

Delving into customer data enables the crafting of targeted promotions, exclusive deals, and bespoke birthday discounts, elevating the customer experience to unprecedented levels of satisfaction and value. These personalised offerings transcend mere transactions, forging emotional connections that endure over time.

Beyond immediate sales, they cultivate a deep-rooted loyalty wherein customers feel understood, valued, and esteemed. Thus, personalised offers not only propel short-term revenue growth but also lay the groundwork for enduring customer relationships characterised by repeat purchases and unwavering brand allegiance.

2. Automated reminders and follow-ups

In an era dominated by incessant digital noise, automated reminders and follow-ups emerge as indispensable tools for maintaining meaningful engagement throughout customers’ journeys.

Whether it’s nudging them about abandoned carts, reminding them of upcoming appointments, or prompting subscription renewals, these automated touchpoints serve as gentle yet persuasive catalysts for action. Moreover, post-purchase follow-ups—be it expressing gratitude, soliciting feedback, or extending post-purchase support—underscore the brand’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

By orchestrating these interactions seamlessly through automation, businesses ensure timely communication that transcends mere transactional exchanges, nurturing lasting connections with customers. In this digital age, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, automation emerges as the linchpin of customer engagement strategies, bolstering satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates.

3. User-generated content and community-building

Fostering a sense of community and belonging among customers is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Through thoughtful SMS and email campaigns, businesses can cultivate a vibrant community around their brand. They can encourage customers to engage further by joining exclusive social media groups tailored to their interests or participating in online forums where they can connect with like-minded individuals.

Moreover, invite customers to contribute user-generated content, such as photos, videos, or testimonials showcasing their experiences with their products or services. By amplifying their voices and sharing their stories, not only do customers validate their loyalty but also inspire others to join the business’s community.

Showcasing customer testimonials, success stories, and user-generated content in a business’s SMS and email campaigns humanises their brand and builds trust. It allows their audience to see real people benefiting from their offerings, creating an emotional connection and fostering brand affinity.

4. Updated loyalty points and rewards

Effective communication of loyalty points and reward updates serves to nurture customer loyalty and foster sustained engagement. By keeping customers abreast of their accumulated points, impending milestones, and available rewards through regular updates, businesses reinforce the intrinsic value of their loyalty programs.

Utilising SMS and email marketing campaigns as conduits for disseminating this vital information ensures that customers remain actively engaged and incentivised to participate. Encouraging redemption of accrued points for exclusive discounts, complimentary offerings, or special privileges further bolsters the allure of loyalty programs, fostering a sense of reciprocity and appreciation.

As customers witness tangible benefits materialising from their loyalty, they are propelled towards repeat purchases and heightened engagement, cementing their allegiance to the brand. Consequently, regular updates on loyalty points and rewards serve as potent tools for driving customer retention, amplifying brand advocacy, and fortifying long-term relationships.

Work with a marketing automation expert to boost your SMS and email marketing campaign performance

Leveraging SMS and email marketing strategies presents businesses with invaluable opportunities to nurture customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

Personalised offers and discounts, automated reminders and follow-ups, relevant product recommendations, and loyalty points and reward updates stand out as effective tools for building and maintaining strong customer relationships. These methods not only cater to individual preferences but also enhance the overall customer experience, fostering a sense of value and appreciation.

In today’s competitive landscape, where customer retention is as crucial as acquisition, businesses must embrace the power of technology-driven marketing approaches. SMS and email marketing campaigns offer unparalleled reach and effectiveness, with SMS boasting high open and conversion rates, and email providing a versatile platform for engagement.

Schedule a consultation with a marketing automation expert to help your business acquire a wider customer base which can facilitate higher revenue generation and long-term growth for your business.